Million Dollar Baby

Manatee County spent nearly a million bucks on the Nolan / McNeal revamp. So we felt it was only fair to test it out.

After a warm-up at Nolan, we set off on a burpee run around to McNeal: 10 burpees on each corner. I think some PAX were disappointed we didn’t great the passing traffic with monkey humpers.

At McNeal, we took full advantage of the new layout, running from one end of the parking lot to the other.

First up, we did 2 laps around the traffic circle, lunging all the way. At the other end,  we did 2 laps of bear crawls. We kept going back-and-forth and managed to get in laps of Imperial Walkers, Merkins and plans, and Hillbilly Walkers.

We finished up with a sit-up run back to McNeal: 10 sit-ups on each corner.

Where did the million go? That wasn’t very clear, but we did find a new speed bump that was about 3 feet tall. That probably cost a few bucks.