July Block Party

Weather:  temperature was 78 degrees F and 95% humidity

After the F3 core principles and a quick disclaimer were presented, the PAX began the usual Mosi around the parking lot.  The Mosi only included toy soldiers to slow down and avoid the late arrivals.


  • SSH’s
  • Strawberry Pickers
  • Windmills
  • Imperial Squat Walkers
  • Arm Circles
  • Overhead Claps
  • Jimmie Dean’s

The Thang:

The PAX mosi’d over to the first pole to begin the beatdown.


Utilizing the lighting poles in the parking lot of Nolan Middle and the treasure found renovating my daughter/son-in-law’s future house the “Cusak Safety Dance” was born (‘doing it pole to pole ala John Cusak style’)

Everyone was awarded a nice standard core concrete block (One lucky individual performed the routine block free.) The mode of travel from pole to pole was run/jog with the block raised over head in honor of John Cusak from “Say Anything”).  Exercises were performed at each pole as indicated below, the member without the block performed (5) Wolverines at each pole.  After completing the exercises at the last pole, the PAX jogged back to the first pole to perform the next set of exercises.

Exercises at poles

  • Round 1: (5) Blockpees
  • Round 2: (10) Lion Kings
  • Round 3: (15) Bent over block Row’s
  • Round 4: Colt 45’s

Below is a description of the exercises from the F3 Nation ‘Exicon’

BLOCKPEE    Burpees with cinder blocks. With your cinder block drop down and do a Merkin on the cinder block. Return to the standing position and press the cinder block above your head to complete one rep.

LION KING:   Start with cinder block to your chest. Move into the low squat position and lower the coupon between your knees. Coming up out of the squat raise the cinder block high above your head thrusting it upward. Think Simba being presented in the Lion King.

COLT 45         45 Cinder Block Curls (Similar to 21’s). 15 reps go from the bottom of the movement up to the halfway point (with your arms at a 90 degree angle and hands at elbow level). 15 reps Go from the halfway point up to the top of the bicep curl (hands up near shoulder level). 15 reps Start at the bottom of the movement and complete a full range of movement all the way up.

The Beatdown ended in a quick round of Mary’s including:

  • Freddy Mercs
  • Hello Dollys
  • American Hammers
  • Leg Scissors
  • LBCs
  • Mountain Climbers

We ended in the usual Circle of Trust (COT), announcements, praises, prayer requests, ending prayer.