FNG makes five

You know what it looks like when you do Morocco’s night clubs with at a really fast cadence? …more on that to follow

Four pax and one FNG showed up early and with the hour soon approaching i was voluntarily elected to the spot if q for the posting.

An Impromptu workout consisting of our regular mouse up the side hill, with warmup Including SSH, abe vigodas, imperial walkers, toy soldiers, lbc’s, heel to sky, Suzanne summers, runner strecthes, merkins.

Quick round of Mary doing Morracan night clubs, Freddy mecury’s, Superman’s, Four on the Roar, dry docks.

Mosie then to grandmas hill where we set out for five rounds of down and up the hill, coupled with an exercise at the top to catch our breath. 50 Carolina Dry docks, 50 squats, 50 morracan night clubs, 50 lunges.

Our FNG was shameless in hiss willingness to lead the morrocan night clubs and proceeded to increase the pace until we were “flapping” our arms about at twice the normal speed…. which earns him the nickname of Birdie. Birdie is an out of town guest where he heads baxkbto northern Virginia, no AO’s near him …yet!