Fast & Furious

On a muggy, lightning-filled night/morning, Goob and YHC set out for a  3 mile pre-run.  This would later be recognized as a “stupid decision.”  During this short run, we determined how America should work.  Not sure why it has taken 535 politicians in Washington so long.

Prior to said run, we noted that the Nolan gates are now officially locked, and we moved the beatdown to Greenbrook Park…home of the most granular asphalt lot in Bradenton.  A new location will be found prior to next week lest our hands be sanded to the bone.  Stay tuned to the AO Discussion channel in Slack.

The chatter began with the usual 5 Core Principles, Motto, and Mission Statement…all delivered with the enthusiasm of a limp biscuit since YHC was still gassed from the sweat-fest also known as a pre-run.  Pudge was asked if he could spare a cracker or any smashed fries under the car seat, but he was of no use.

The Mozy was a make-shift run around the lot and sidewalk with no mishaps other than some expected crop dusting of the Pax that chose to run near the back.  This combined with the dead animal smell at the end of the lot made the scent of Manziel’s shirt smell like a flowery meadow.  BP20 looked off-kilter a few times from 2nd hand whiffs of the Cleveland Slammer.

The “Fast” part of the workout was a two-team relay race of five sprints.  First normal sprints, then Nur, then left-facing Karaoke’s, followed by right.  The fifth sprint was a Powerwalk where you must swing your arms and hips to compete.  Pudge announced his PW prowess (and backed it up, that dude can walk faster than he runs), but to our surprise, Goob laid done a spirited PW that barely came in second, a skill learned during a drunken bet at the Ω∆π House while in Tarheel country.  Sir Wallace took a headfirst tumble on the asphalt, but rolled it out like a champ.  His bulbous shoulders provided ample padding.

The “Furious” part of the beatdown, was HIIT exercises done for a minute each with no rest in between.  After a short 1 minute Broga break, we did four others.  This set of eight was repeated.  A total of 16 HIIT exercises done to exhaustion…don’t try this at home.  The exercises were…

Sets 1&3: Hit the Floor, Power Knees, Crab Kicks & High Knee Twists.  Sets 2&4: Push Up Jacks, Ski Jumps, Plank Saws & Mummy Kicks

And if that didn’t suck enough…we did one last sprint and 3 more 1 minute planks.  Posh was upset that there weren’t any burpees, but Stagecoach quickly corrected his ill-fated thinking.  We also learned that Mugsy, while a talented big man on the post, has no ability to Nur.  His “catty-whompus, juxtaposed, Showgirl kick” thing was a poor substitute.

Announcements:  Augusta 70.3 cancelled, Suncoast Ragnar planned for December 3-5 (will cost about $75 pp)…get it on the calendar now.

Prayers for schools, teachers, students, cops, firemen, EMT’s, and related folks that make our lives easier.  Prayer for Bing’s ankle (but not the rest of Bing), prayers for all those petty things we wished we asked for but were embarrassed to mention, and prayers for the bigger things that don’t get voiced as well.  God hears them all (even Chili Pepper’s prayers), spoken or not…that’s what he told me.

Ripken out.