Another Party for 1

Temp 74 and humid.

I noticed that there was no one listed on the Q list for The Celery Fields, so as I sat waiting for others to show up, I made one up.  But to my surprise there was no one else.  So after waiting an additional minute I went off on my own.  I will share the Q I was working on August 3rd.

I had not walked the paths around celery mountain since joining F3, so off I went.  Six times around, doing each of the four outer paths, on different laps.  When I got to Grandmother hill I ran to the top, so that was six times.  I had to listen to the lions commandment only once.  I guess they knew I was by myself, so they took it easy on me.

I finished with two trips up Mother hill.  On the last trip up I overheard one man tell the other two he was working out with, “come on, no man left behind.”  So we had a discussion about F3.  They had seen us out here before and may be joining us.

Message: even a single man can take strides by working on his own , and may gather a few new friends!  I don’t  know who said the, but I just did.

Snapshot ?