Dry Parking lot Beatdown

Saturday 7/27 Conditions: 78 degrees humid and sunny.

Recon from Friday night dictated there would be no top of the hill beatdown as it was under 1” of water….

Mozi We mozied up the easy hill 3/4 of the way and turned around and headed back down to the forbidden parking lot. (Later into the workout Kotter made me aware that we were not suppose to be in that lot or at least not allowed to park there)

Warm up SSH,Strawberry pickers, Swimmers,Arm circles and Merks. We then did 20 yard jogs w the following exercises. Orange cones were set.

butt kickers



high knees

The Thang

We did 20 of each of the following exercises and would run about 30 yards to some benches where you rotated tri dips and then step ups.

Before you could do the next exercise  you would have to repeat the prior ones.


Over head claps



Carolina dry docks


American Hammers


Mountain climbers

10 burpees

Quality was emphasized over quantity !

We had time for some 20 yard sprints based on football line counts.

I almost forgot…. can’t believe it….only one 4 for the roar???? Whaat?


prayers for snapshots in-law and wife, continued healing of Gators injury.

Sorry to get this back blast out soooooo late.

JimmyDean out….