Dirty Bakers Dozen + an FNG

weather-another glorious gift from God. 80degrees, cool with a perfect breeze.

PIA-14 w/an fng


515am-greeting, fng welcome, 5 core principals, disclaimer

517am-big sexy mozy (in honor of big mac) w/ picle pointers, monkey humpers, pickle pounders (15 each, IK)

522am-dynamic warmup w/ arm circles (10 each way), Michael phelps (10), strawberry pickers (10 ik), mt. climbers (15 ik), plank (rt side, lft side)

527am-Dirty Dozen!!

12 Carolina dry docks, 12 windshield wipers, 12 jump squats, 12 burpees, run, 11 of each, run, 10 each on down to 0.

jail break, back up


name’o’rama, count’o’rama

Announcements-No rioting with an F3 shirt on or posting politically driven (either way) posts with F3 involvement. Lancelot gave a great speech on this situation and nailed it. We are a group of leaders. Follow God, lead responsibly, lead wisely. Nuff said.

We need men to step up into leadership roles (site q’s and f’s).

Out of town GrowRucks. Interested? Talk to Lancelot.

Pledge of Allegiance

Praise Reports-God thank You for this gorgeous morning and our being there with You and eachother. Thank You for healing in Ben (Goobs buddy) and thank You in advance for healing ben after his being hit by a car on a ride. Thank You for opening the door in our h.o.a issue and getting us one step closer to our home.

Prayer Requests-Lord we humbly ask You for healing for our nation. we are suffering from deep wounds that only You can heal. bless our leaders with wisdom, strengthen emerging leaders, guide us where You want us to be in this situation. bless our first responders with protection on all fronts as well as peace for their families. heal bens injuries, we ask for Your hand in the financials for our home, we speak Your healing into any injured pax, spiritual rejuvenation for those isolated, safety for those traveling and for all of our families across the nation.

Welcome Sauerkraut! F3Suncoast. Respect. Rowdy out.