Fast and Slow

Welcome to the first Suncoast workout of June, 5.15 am at Adventure Park.

The theme of this workout was going slow. We’re in stressful times. Sometimes we need to slow down to really focus hard on what we’re doing and how we’re doing it.

We did all the exercises quickly. Then we did them again at very slow tempo, breathing in and out with each rep.

  • 25 merkins quickly, then 25 merkins slowly
  • 25 LBCs quickly, then 25 LBC slowly
  • 25 pickle pointers quickly, than 25 pickle pointers slowly

Go for a run

  • 25 leg raises quickly, then 25 leg raises slowly
  • 25 long swims quickly, then 25 long swims slowly
  • 25 reverse crunches quickly, then 25 reverse crunches slowly

Go for a run

  • 25 plank jacks quickly, then 25 plank jacks slowly
  • 25 freddy mercurys quickly, then 25 freddy mercurys slowly
  • 25 shoulder taps quickly, then 25 shoulder taps slowly

Go for a run

  • 25 crunchy frogs quickly, then 25 crunchy frogs slowly
  • 25 mountain climbers quickly, then 25 mountain climbers slowly
  • 25 Peter Parkers quickly, then 25 Peter Parkers quickly

Go for a final run