Coupons for all

Twin lakes park 6/12/18 73 degrees and clear.

Moise- short jog through the parking lot with butt kickers, skips and a nur.

Warm up- side straddle hops, toy soldiers, strawberry pickers and wind mills. Ended with a count of five push, jack, over head clap. ( can’t remember the real name).

Then the fun began over at the picnic table pavilion with five stations. Your team had 5 minuets to complete each station. We separated into a team of 2 and a team of 3. (Because everyone else fart sacked)

Station 1- Team rope squat 15 reps. Hold the tug boat rope above your head and do 15 air squats. Followed by 10 table crosses which was up and over the table 10 times. After this a small team run back to the pavilion where you did a rinse and repeat minus the run.

Station 2- Block Squat for 15. Pick up 2 blocks by the handles and do 15 air squats. Followed by 10 LBC claps with your team mate. Run and rinse and repeat.

Station 3- Eveyones favorite Keg push ups. Using the keg you and your team mate did an incline push up alternating sides so you didn’t bump heads for 15. Followed by keg lunges. You and your team mate picked up the keg and did a walking lunge for 10 steps stopping at 5 to switch hands. Run and rinse and repeat.

Station 4- Team table lifts you and your team mate picked up the table and did a squat for 15. Then push up clap with your team mate of 10. Run and rinse and repeat.

Station 5- Seated leg lifts for 15. Sitting on the picnic table and lifting your legs up till straight out in front of you. Followed by 10 dips and a run. Rinse and repeat.

This ended our coupons of fun and we made it back to the parking lot just in time to circle up.

Prayer Requests for Snap Shots family friend who is 29 and battling MS. Also that Condensers back heals up and he can be back to 100%.

Great job by all today and there will be more coupons to come for the rest of the fart sackers.