Camden Yards Merkin Ladder Beatdown

Quick Intro/Disclaimer/Five Core Principles:

-Open to all Men
-Held outdoors rain/shine, heat/cold
-Led in Rotating fashion with no certification or training necessary -Always ends with COT
Mosey then Warm Up-In Cadence
SSH X 20
Windmills X 20
Merkins X 20
Imperial Walkers X 20
Strawberry Pickers X 20

A short mosey over to the UF Extension building to borrow there wall and a few columns(Sniper and Kotter)

Dirty Hookup on the wall

Performed as 4 count exercise. Pax plank up, facing a wall with eyes on wall. “1” Right hand raised to press against the wall, “2” Left hand raised to the wall (now in horizontal plank), “3” Right hand down to ground, “4” Left hand down (back to plank position) There was a lot of mumble chatter on this exercise.

Black Snake

Indian Run and the last guy weaves in between the other PAX, this proved to be more challenging than expected but we finished it as a group!!

Next was the Merkin Ladder

We lined up in front of Extension building on both sides of parking lot…

20 merkins on one side and 19 on the other all the way to 1.  This was a challenge and we made sure to bring in the Six!! This was a total of 210 Merkins.

Mosey back to the parking lot starting point and did a round of Mary.


Races coming up

Shirt order

Live Training center facility and getting guys there.

Prayers and Praises:

Hercules Friend prayers for him to get back on his feet from some recent events.

Injured PAX

welcome new FNG Dry Rub

Thanks guys!!