Bird Key Beatdown

Weather: Florida summer cool breeze, and thank heavens for the breeze because when the air stood still, the red tide stench was unbearable! I can still taste the smell!


The pax took off for a direct mozi to the top of the bridge. Once there, we planted the flag and did 25 SSH IC and 40 Moroccan Night Clubs IC.  It’s always great to hear cars honking their horn in support of the flag and walkers stopping to take our photo from across the bridge (yes, that might have been a tad creepy).

From here, we headed to Bird Key Park for a park bench beatdown, which also turned into a ball beatdown, due to the limited number of benches for 8 pax.  At each set of benches, the pax did 10 dips and 10 incline merkins (4 sets total).  On the return trip, we mixed it up with 15 LBCs and 15 Russian Dips. Thankfully the breeze continued to blow, keeping the red tide stench away.  On the return back across the bridge, the pax was challenged to keep their heads up and focus on the peak of the bridge rather than down at their feet.  Pushing themselves as hard as they could up the bridge, it was time to line

up for a round of LBCs and American Hammers.

The final descent of the bridge included an indian run for the remaining 3/4 of a mile, passing the flag to the front runner at all times.  The pax did a great job on the return run, arriving at precisely 6am (or maybe 6:01, but who is counting).


  • For the injured Pax
  • For James and his cancer treatment plan
  • For Omaha and safe travels to his grandmothers funeral
  • Praise to the pax for raising the funds to help support the six.



  • Mud Run and Ft. Hamer Bridge Run
  • Last day for shirt order
  • Sarasota Farm Bureau Turkey Shoot Fund Raiser – Sniper to provide further details


Like we talked about running up to the top of the bridge and keeping your eye on the peak, it is also important to keep your eye on your goals and aspirations.  If you stop focusing on what you are trying to achieve, you will never reach your goals.  This is also true with your relationship with Sky Q and your M/2.0s.  If you take your focus off of developing those relationships, you will never achieve greatness.

Always honored and humbled to lead this great group of men.  We covered 3.3 miles in the gloom.  Great work men!