Camden Yards Crawl

6/26/18 clear 73 degrees and sticky

Warm up
• Mosie around the parking lot with but kickers, skip, karaoke, and an increase in speed of the jog to the exercise area.

• Circled up for side straddle hops, strawberry pickers, windmills and toy soldiers.

The crawl
• round one- each round started with one burpee. Station one was 5 Carolina dry docks with a 12 ft bear crawl to station 2. Station 2 was 10 merkins with a bear crawl to station 3. Station 3 was 15 moroccan night clubs with a bear crawl to station 4. Station 4 was 20 air squats and then frog hops to the end of the grass and ner back to the starting position with a plank till the 6 was in. Once 6 was in, an mosie around the parking lot and plank at the starting position till 6 was in. Rinse and repeat.

Round two- Using the same mode of transportation we started with one burpee and station 1 was 5 inch worms. Station 2 was Diamond push ups for 10. Station 3 was 15 big circles and 15 little circles. Station 4 was 20 Freddy Mercury’s. Followed by frog hops to and a ner back to the starting position. Again we ran around the parking lot and rinse and repeat again.

Round three was the same except we called out the exercise as we got to each station. Station 1 was LBC’s and station 4 was homer to marge but I can’t remember the other two exercises but it was a but kicker I can tell you that.

We ended with a 5 min round o merry and circled up to welcome a FNG (Slater) to the group. Also welcome Dallas Tx F3 member Eurzione to the work out. All in all a great work out and we continue to welcome all to come to Camben Yards and support the newest AO.

Great job to all that showed up.