Lion Pride Teams Beatdown

This morning began the first of the Celery Fields AO for studying Killing Kryptonite. We understand that our brothers at Adventure Park are also studying the book at exactly the same time each Saturday improving their 3rd F as we are, but mourn that they’re not able to join us, as they don’t get to also experience lions roaring in the background whilst doing so.

We were also excited to have Eruzione join us from F3 Dallas while on his vacation. Only HIM are willing to get up in the gloom on a vacation morning to get their lives in order before their day starts.

The Thang


Mosey with side shuffle, karaoke, nur, and arm circles

Circle of Pain

Jack Webb 10-1 OYO

The Main Event – Teams

Given we had 6 pax, 2 teams were split into 3 each, together to accumulate the following:

  • 15 Mother Hill Ascents w/ sandbag
  • 15 Mother Hill Ascents w/o sandbag
  • 150 Carolina Dry Docks
  • 300 LBCs

**The losing team received a penalty of 60 burpees while the winning team planked**

Finished with a round of Mary


This week’s study in Killing Kryptonite left us with the challenge to assess our own weaknesses keeping us from living in our true potential in Christ. Christian or not, we all have and are susceptible to weakness. Pax shared theirs and broke it down in the COT.


  • Condensor’s 2.0s (Blocker and Splash) in Honduras on youth mission trip
  • Each man’s weakness, as shared in the COT
  • Traveling pax and families