Camden Yards 6/11/19 Burpee Run

Hot and humid as seven show for a Camden beatdown. After a quick run through of the core principles and the disclaimers we moseyed over to the pavilion and circle up for the warmup, which included ssh x 15, windmills x 10, strawberry pickers x 10, followed by some stretches to get the muscles loose.

The thang began with a burpee/merkin walk. We began on one side of the soccer field and began a hybrid exercise that is a merkin and burpee combined. As we dropped into the down position of the burpee we perform 5 merkins before returning to our feet. Once this action was completed we frog leap and begin the motion again. This was our mode of transportation to the opposite side of the soccer field. I was surprised at the pax ability to complete this burpee walk so quickly. We than begin a round of four corners, using each corner of the soccer field and completed a strong mosey between the corners. Corner one, 25 dips, corner 2, 25 lbc’s, corner 3, 25 merkins, corner 4, 25 bb sit ups. The pax completed two rounds. with a few moments left till we needed to head back to the parking lot the pax completed 25 burpee’s and then moseyed back to the parking lot Indian run style.

Announcements and Prayer Requests

It was discussed that maybe it is time to think of a location change for this AO as it is a dark area to work out in and most of the pax are no longer fond of the location. Papa will discuss changing Tuesday mornings Camden location to NBP with Bing, as most of the pax love that location on Fridays and those of us that can’t make Fridays would love another option for a beatdown there.

Prayers: Papa Smurf’s M and 2.0 arriving back safely from the Dominican Republic