Build it and they Will Come

It was a welcoming site to see two PAX for their first F3 Suncoast cycling AO as YHC and Trump pulled into the WaWa parking lot.

Marvel, who we actually missed last week because the PAX rolled out 3 minutes too early that am, sorry about that brother. So glad that you were determined and showed back up this gloom!

Cotton Tail, newest PAX and obviously hungry for the fellowship F3 brings, we all have grown to love. Was there on a lean cycling machine, that YHC knows will be another pace setter with more time and more rides under his belt.

Mr Clean was a welcomed addition back to the morning ride, great to see you saddled up again!

We all headed out on the normal route, maintaining a solid 18 mph. Once university was passed YHC stepped up the pace and circled back just in time to see Trump take the usual right hand turn toward the concessions. The other 3 PAX respectfully stayed straight and went a little less on the distance. YHC wasn’t going to let Trump ride solo so we rode the rest of the way together putting in the nearly 20 mile ride.

Ripken and Bing unfortunately had to skip this beatdown. Bing needs some healing prayers for a tender back. JuCo is out of town safe travels brother.

It’s a pleasure to watch this AO grow as more PAX discover the thrill of a group ride. Different paces, different miles, the more that join the more opportunities arise for you to find what’s best for you. Whether you’re a seasoned rider, getting back into the saddle, or just starting out, it’s still a great beatdown with a great group of men!

Pincher out.