It takes 2 to Tango

8 String Pax beat the fart sack this morning.

The Mosey to the soccer fields

Circle up for:

20 SShs

20 LBCs

20 Flutter kicks

The Thang;

Luckey 11s with 11 merkins run 100 yards to the other side of the field 1 LBC, we worked our way to 1 merkins and 11 LBCs

Ran to the bleachers to 10 seal claps

The Team Up

one man does 25 dips 25 incline merkins the other waits and does balls to the wall

3 rounds


25 jump ups the other man waits in the seated against the wall with arms out

3 Rounds


The finale!!!

30-60-90s until Slater screams at a high level or starts his grunting

Big thanks for new old pax  TLs members Big Mac and Lonestar

Why to push it today the Pax crushed the 2.6 mile plus upper and lower beat down!!!

Prayer for those in Pain and those around us to for us to see them and love, care and show kindness..

Many thanks PAX members!!