Breezy, low humidity,73 degrees FRIDAY….. Whaaaaat?

Condition Awesome ….. 73 degrees and low humidity.

Mozi We ran the bridge w the usual stuff….. Nur, kerioke,High knees, and butt kickers

Warm up

SSH, Swimmers, arm circles, imperial walkers, merkins and bad back stretches.

The Thang

We broke into two groups and set out to run 1 mile stopping every quarter of a mile to complete 20 of the following exercises. Merkins, Lbcs and monkey humpers. (Big Mac was not allowed to do the monkey humpers by the road)! When the group made it to the 1 mile point performed 10 burpees. On the way back, 15 of the following exercises,Wide Merkins, Big boy sit-ups and air squats. Again, when u get to the 1 mile point u perform 10 burpees… of course, we went back and got the 6….


2 FNGs!!!!! So …..we did a Jail break…. and the COT was at the top of the tower.

Welcome!!! Carl Albano (Boulder) Ernie Cave(Bert) ….. get it ? Ernie and Bert? Thanks Pappa Smurf

Clay shoot.. proceeds for youth,November. contact Sniper

Iron Pax Saturday

October 20 First Watch Half Marathon

prayers for 2.0 Cross country

Scott W. Surgery week from Monday. Throat Cancer

Thanks for having me Q

Jimmy Dean out.