A “Serius” Beatdown in the 90’s


QIC: Lancelot

Weather: 76 degrees and 66 % Humidity

4 Pax in Attendance: ManU, Bird Hole, Smudge & Lancelot

Disclaimer : 5 Statements given

Mozy: 1/3 mile run with High Knees, Karaokes, & Butt kickers,

Warm up: SSH, Strawberry Pickers, Imperial Walkers, and Michael Phelps

Showtime…and the Main Event…

Although I was the only one registered, I thought I’d introduce part of the IRON PAX Challenge 2019, Week 3 to the DTSP Gang

10 Pull-ups
15 Burpee Block Jump Overs
20 Curls
25 Squat Thrusters
30 Gas Pumpers (Reverse Crunches)

Repeated sequence for 43 minutes!

With enthusiastic energy and motivation, we got a great some good Rounds in (w/ the help of Serius Radio of the 90’s)

Great fellowship and good workout by all.


Announcements: St Pete Run Fest. Nov 17th

Prayers for Smudge’s Step Mother, to bring in more Men to this great F3 area and share our success with the community, All 1st Responders & Military, and those fellow F3 Brothers who may need are prayers.

Thanks for having me Q

Kevin Oatman aka: Lancelot