Army Training Sir! Airborne!

Early this morning with the temps a mild 68 degrees, clear skies and a slight breeze 9 warriors showed up to play Army. Today we would start the day like I have so many in my past, early, feeling a little sleepy but ready for the challenges that lay ahead. “Embrace the Suck!”, is what I tell me myself and this morning I promised I would take all the souls that showed up along for the ride.

After welcoming my new platoon to the F3 workout I started by checking for FNGs, I covered the five core principles and then gathered everyone up in circle for warm up stretches. We stretched the hamstring, lower back, performed Downward Dog and then walked the dog and  finished with Cobra. Next was a double time (Mozy for you civilians) to the bridge. Half way to the bridge we stopped and did some calisthenics to get the blood flowing. We did them like the Army and sounded off loud enough to alert, much to the dismay of the folks sleeping in their multi-million dollar fart sacks near by, that its time to wake up. We did SSH, Strawberry Pickers and Windmills. Getting loose so we picked up and Double Timed to the base of the bridge.

Time for the Thang (now we get serious) and get Airborne, Ranger and Light Fighter training in. After a disclaimer, Modify as needed, Never Quit and let’s do this speech I explained the 4X2X5 that lay ahead. Simple premise today to 1. Work the legs hard because you need them when you hit the ground (Airborne part of the beatdown), 2. Work the upper body for muscular strength because we pack everything on our backs 75-115 lbs  (Ranger part of the training), 3. work cardio because you hump everywhere (Light Infantry part of the training).

So you perform 5 reps of the exercise (the 5 in 4x2x5) then travel 4 light poles up the bridge (the 4 in the 4x2x5), mode of transportation is Double Time. Stop and now perform the next set of exercises and then travel 2 light pole further up the bridge (the 2 in the 4x2x5) mode of transportation change to Nur and rinse and repeat until further instructions.

So we begin with Lt Dan: 1 squat followed by 4 Lunges 5 reps (will leave you feeling got you no legs) and then Double time 4 poles.

Next are the Shoulder Tap Merkins: while in the Front Leaning Rest position (Plank for civilians) touch you right shoulder with the left hand and then drop down in Merkin and back up followed by touch left shoulder with the right hand, this is a count of One 5 reps and then Nur 2 poles.

Rinse and repeat until we reach the traffic light sign in the middle of the bridge.

While you wait on the 6 the active rest in a Nancy Kerrigan (work on core and balance) Nancy Kerrigan: Lean torso forward, raise one leg out to the back, reach arms out to side and do small arm circles. 5 seconds per leg alternate.

To get to the bottom we change up the exercises and the mode of transportation remains the Double Time for 4 poles but changes to the Dutch Skate for 2 poles. Dutch Skate: Half way squat with hands behind the back. Jump forward- right (45 degrees) landing on right foot, pull left foot behind right lower leg, Left hand shin kisses right hand calf. Left foot should not touch the ground. Jump forward-left (45 degrees), land on left foot, pull right hand foot behind left hand such that shin hits calf.

Remember that it remains 4x2x5. So I will list the exercise in order from here on out as they were carried out.

Bulgarian Ball Busters: Reverse lunge ending with a sharp knee-up 5 reps then Double Time

4×4: 4 Merkins staright into 4 Mountain climbers. on your feet and the drop and repeat 5 reps

Bottom of the bridge we Nancy Kerrigan until 6 gets in.

Air Drama: Squat straight into 2 reps of Imperial Walker rinse and repeat 5 times

Alligator Merkins: Walking Merkin. Alternate stepping hands forward on successive Merkin reps. You know…like an alligator walks, but with Merkins.

Running close on time we now work on cardio and speed. Sprint over the remaining distance of the bridge using Interval training. Sprint three light poles then Quick Time (fast pace walk or march for you civilians) one pole and then rinse and repeat to the bottom. Nancy Kerrigan until the six arrives, and Indian run back to the statue.

They missed out on High Jumpers and Thor’s Hammers however, I feel this platoon of new recruits has a greater understanding of what a Light Fighter, and Airborne Ranger do to stay in peak physical condition to keep the bad guys away.




  • Gator Wilderness Camp run on the 27th of April, be there or be square
  • Sup N Run on the 25th of May
  • SRQ Vets 5 k Hike on the 25th of May
  • Savage Race on the 9th of November F3 Suncoast Team ready for sign ups
  • Check Group Me for continuous coverage and announcements of upcoming 5k races, Go Ruck events, OCRs etc.
  • Looking for volunteers to work on News Letter. please contact Bing or Papa Smurf if you are interested


Praises and Prayer Requests:

  • Lonestar and Mopar heading to Texas safe travels and return
  • Our First Responders, Our Military to stay on point and be safe and protected
  • All our injured and tired Pax member for a timely and healthy recovery

At the end of the day it takes work, commitment, dedication, focus and at times sacrifice everyday to go the distance. Accomplishing the mission is hard when you have to do it alone and lots of times you will find that you need help and you can give help. So please remember that if you want to go fast then go alone but, if you are looking to go far then go together as a team, like soldiers, Army Soldiers. You always get the six, you never leave a man behind (Part of the Actual Army Ranger Creed) Mission first, Men Always.

Coop out, Airborne!