Arms of Praise Burnout (oka… jackweb)

I am posting this by use of my big toes only as the shoulders got a royal burn this morning at the Lions Pride. Six posting this morning to join in pain.

A mosey up the long uphill path to the back flat welcomed us to our warmup COP. Windmills, Toy Soliders, SSH’s, Carolina Drydocks, merkins, slower count scissor kicks, and some American hammers all before a nice round of Mary.

Now lets get those pecks pumping… a short Agassi course with merkins at the turns 10 narrow, 20 regular , 30 wide, then back down with 30 narrow, 20 regular and 10 wide brought many including the young buck blocker to there knees finishing gherkin style.

A short run brought us to grandma hill where blocker led us in 6 down and ups with 20 each more of american hammers, air squats,Moroccan night clubs, lunges, box cutters, more merkins and Papa Smurf favorite Dead Roaches.

Now that our bottom halves are finished why not head back to the shoulders? I have many reasons why not, but brothers bound together push limits.

Bing was thrilled to suggest and lead us in what none posting there will soon forget… A jackweb. What is a jackweb? Other than shear pain and dread for the next set after next set? Start with a single merkin, then multiply by 4 and do that many full overhead claps. Not just hands above head clapping, I’m talking from hips to heaven. 2 merkins, then multiply by 4 for 8 claps, repeat increasing by 1 to 10 merkins. That’s 225 merkins for the day, and just as many overhead claps… try it sometime!

And what do you have left? Nothing but a blog to boast in and thanks to give for those responsible for me getting in to this, Thanks Kotter to Bing to the F3 Nation