“ and the Thunder Rolled”

With Thunder,Lightening and 82 degrees we rolled into the gloom hoping to complete another F3 BEATDOWN! The Lucky 7.

The Mozi

2 laps around the lot with the usual kerioke, Nur, buttkickers, high knees…. all while watching and listening to the storm approaching.

Warm up

Imperial Walkers, SSH, windmills, Stawberry pickers and bad back stretches.

The Thang

Into the hockey rink for a 7 that included shoulder taps and leg lifts.

Then it was back to the parking lot for a Dora that included the following while your partner ran to and from a glow stick.

100 Burpees

200 LBCs

200 Merkins

200 Imperial Walkers

We completed one lap and were forced to use the pavilion for safety.  We completed the beatdown without the glow stick run but in safety of not getting the old lightening strike.  Way to go Lucky 7!

Do to the storm we finished with a very quick COT