weather: 81 and muggy with a slight breeze. great sweat’n weather.

pia: 9

qic: Rowdy (by default)

515am: 5 core principles, disclaimer.

517am: dynamic stretch (big arm circles (10 each direction), agitators (10), Michael phelps (10), reach for the stars (10 each side), good mornings (10), strawberry pickers (10 ik)), mozy.

523am- d.o.r.a-2 man teams, 4 run options (floating quarter mile, long loop round tower, short loop round tower or jailbreak), 500 lbc’s, 400 flutter kicks (1 count), 300 Freddie mercuries (1 count), 200 American hammers (1 count), 100 big boy sit ups.

6am: announcements-Thursdays additional ao at bayside on bee ridge.

praises: air in our lungs, blood pumping through our veins and hearts, beautiful morning and the ability to sharpen our spiritual and physical iron together.

prayers: rowdies mother in law, 1st responders, church and political leaders making Godly decisions, safety over kids returning to school as well as staff, traveling, sick or otherwise non present pax.

message: train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it, proverbs 22:6.

unfortunately we know this isn’t always the case. some go astray no matter how good an upbringing and others soar despite a terrible upbringing but we can give our children a much better chance if we model and teach them to follow, love and honor God. some of us have been blessed with more time than ever with our kids, are we using the time wisely? do they know Jesus, do they know Him when they watch and spend time with us? don’t just educate them, teach them and model for them.

F3Suncoast. Respect. Rowdy out.

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