A Near Miss

With a majority of our regular PAX attending the Gator Wilderness 5/10k race today, I nearly fartsacked… but then checking the q schedule realized no one had registered. Pushing towards the HIM i want to be i realized the need.

I woke blocker and he quickly dresses (this 15 year old kid is awesome). I say what do you want to do if no one shows? He says, go to the store and buy some weights then go home and workout …or just beat down the hill ourselves.

When Blocker and I show up at 6:45 there was already a new face waiting, a visiting F3 brother, The Boss from Charlottesville, VA. Then Snapshot and his M show up, he breaks off to join us and she joins friends for morning walk, Go Ladies! An FNG (nka Sticks), and Coach round out the morning PAX.

A mosey up the hill with a regular set of calisthenics to loosen up and our new friend, The Boss, puts us through a Dora workout with one partner running while the other pulls off. Sticks is a complete beast, blowing away the remainder of the PAX. Merkins, lunges and American Hammers were the exercises.

Next round of Dora was made not as easy with with bear crawling one of the lengths. This round includes a bench for dips, Homer to Marges (no eye contact), and declined merkins (Derkins?)

Of course we cant have workout at the celery fields without mother hill coming in so we end with some Agassi’s (suicides) with declined leg lifts, flutters, Dolly’s or whatever gets your abs burning at the top of each return.

…I need your Help though! One of you EH’d Ryan here but I didn’t get his email. Watch the video
and if recognize Ryan “Sticks”(Bozmani?) please help get him the registration info as i failed to do so. Sticks is a software salesman that helps money from the IRS (jk) and a drummer at Bayside Church. Help me find him so we can clear his name.