Tres Amigos

74F with 95% humidity

Sir Wallace, ChiliPepper, Trump

Todays Message:

Strive to be Spiritually and physically swifter than eagles, stronger than lions.

Three High Impact Men showed up ready to conquer heritage Harbour, with a no quit attitude! 5 Core principles, disclaimer then launched into a mosey circling the parking lot.


strawberry pickers, Squat jumps with static holds, Peter Parkers, SSH


using the pavilion picnic tables performed the following routine:

decline Merkins, v-ups,  jump lunges, tricep dips then bear crawl from cone to cone in parking lot. Rinse and repeat 4 sets.

Ran over to playground, Plyo flutter kicks on bicycle racks, using playground bridge performed 3 sets of inverted rows then burpees. Next was an ab blaster consisting of LBC’s, heels to heaven, Freddy Mercury’s and hip thrusts with alternating leg holds (superset)

then used the swing set like never before: grabbing the chains in each hand, lower self under the swing, keeping body straight, perform 20 pull-ups. Then place both feet facing down on the swing and walk out to plank and complete 15 knee to chest tucks while holding plank. Rinse and repeat 3 sets.

next was kangaroo hops on each mushroom, all 6 for 3 rounds. Then grab the hand railing overhead from the playground bridge and lift knees to chest while suspended (not touching ground) and flutter kicks plus Freddy Mercurys, 3 sets.

finally side shuffled back to pavilion going right into wall assisted hand stand completing 10 dry dock type reps, then grabbed top of picnic table while lifting feet of the floor, suspending self over table and holding until failure.

just like that it was 6:00a and time for a quick namorama.


announcements: – growruck the movie on YouTube – if you haven’t all ready, sign up for virtual 5K on team F3 Suncoast will be running as group, TBA

praises: – congrats to Lancelot for grinding through an exhausting triathlon.

prayers: – for a good recovery for I-Spy grandfather who’s broke his hip. Also to all those suffering mentally, physically and spiritually, that they find peace and healing in Our Lord Jesus.

have an amazing day fella’s!

An honor and a pleasure,

Sir Wallace