60 Seconds of Pain

We started off with a discussion about our previous night at Bayside’s Mens Night where we felt Pastor Randy was speaking right to us at F3. We also welcomed our new FNG, after our discussion it was time to MAN UP.

We started off with a Mosy around the small pond doing High Knees, Butt Kickers, Karaoke’s and Skips and picked up the pace as we entered the parking lot.

We circled up on the field and did some warm up with SSH’s , Strawberry Pickers and Windmills. Since Pastor Randy said we need to MAN UP we figured we would start off by getting down. We listened to Thunderstuck and every time the word Thunder was said you hit the ground and then got back up.

After our warm up we moved over to the circle of 20 disks that each had an exercise on it. Everyone started in front of one disk and each exercise was 60 seconds before you moved to the left to the next exercise. 60 seconds does not seem like a long time until you have to do each one of these for 60 seconds.

Merkins                 Amer Hammers                 SSH                                       Moroccan NC’s                   Flutters

Plank Jacks          LBC’s                                   Toy Soldiers                          Small Circles                        Jump Squats

Shoulder Taps   Butterfly Sit Ups                 Windmills                              Planks                                       Side Lunges

Burpees                 Freddy Mercuries            Imperial Walkers                  Large Circles                        Lunges

After that was done we did a round of 7’s while run about 50 yards each way doing Burpees on one end and Flutter kicks on the other.

If that was not enough pain we ended listening to Hot Legs while planking… every time the chorus section came on you did Mountain Climbers.

We had a great discussion related around our PAX brothers who are fighting different types of addiction and family issues and making sure that everyone knows we are all in this together.

Pastor Randy is going to be challenging all men, no matter where you worship or if you do not worship to MAN UP in Feb. He is having a MAN UP challenge and he will be sending out challenges each week via text… if you are interested text “manup” to 25827.

Drake will be at Bayside Church 30 minutes before each service this weekend 4:30pm tonight, 8:45am and 10:45am tomorrow morning if anyone is interested in helping recruit our F3 Small Group thru Bayside. You do not need to be a member to help out.

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