55 degrees but no respect or…pen…!?!?

So the first Ft. Hamer run AO had 6 but no respect to be found.

After the Q welcomed everyone with the 5 core principals Bing, Deep Dish, Goob, Crab Cakes and Yamaha took off for an inspired 6+ miles. some impressive mile times! Q, Rowdy, did his thang on the bridge.

COT got a bit out of hand as soon as Bing said the word Japan it was all penis festival this or penis statue that! Q had plans for morning prayer and got it back on track.

Prayer Requests- Ripken and Tranes M’s and their battle with cancer, prayers for supernatural healing and peace and solidarity in their families. Goobs best friend who passed has left a family hurting and missing him so we raise them up. As always a huge raising for our brave men and women in the Armed Forces as well as our First Responders.

F3Suncoast. Respect