4th and Goal at NBP

Football season is among us gentlemen! 81 degrees….fall is in the air

Warm up

  • Started out with a little mosey
  • Circled up, counted off – 17 men accounted for-1FNG
    • SSH  -21 reps
    • Strawberry Pickers – 14 reps
    • squats – 14 reps
    • windmills – 14 reps
    • arm circles
    • mosey down to the base of the tower


The Main Thang


  • Get a partner, one person will be staying at the base while the other one runs up the tower
    • Each floor going up gives you “1 yard” where you have to do 10 pushups for going up one floor, 20 for 2, 30 for 3, 40 for 4 and 50 for all the way at the top
    • Both you and your partner need to get 6 “yards” total. Meaning you could break it up by going all the way to the top first and doing 50 merkins, giving you 5 yards and then the 2nd time just going up one floor.
    • I soon found out that simple math can be hard for folks at 5:15AM 😉
    • BEFORE each person starts, you and your partner are to transition by doing 3 burpees “DOWN, SET, HIKE”
    • The partner staying at the bottom was to NOT stop moving, we had a timer that would ring every 15 seconds and that partner was to alternate between SSH, shoulder taps, high knees and LBC’s until their partner returned
    • Once finished plank it out till 6 is in

2nd Down

  • With 6 yards completed in first down, I am a proponent at times to go for the long ball on 2nd and short (some may disagree 🙂
  • So, we did sprints in 2 lines, probably about a 50-yard sprint and then jog back

3rd Down

  • We went for the long ball but unfortunately, we got sacked so it left us with 3rd and 14!
  • So starting on the ground since we got sacked, we did 14 reps of situps into a squat jump

4th down

  • Since we still had over half the length of the field to go and hardly any time left, it was time for one last shot at the endzone…..a Hail mary…..or a round of marys


Life is a journey, make sure you are doing it with others. Football has 11 players on the field, they all need each other to be successful! We all need each other!



  • Dasani and wife’s pregnancy
  • Snapshot is going to soon have another grandchild!
  • Lonestar’s neighbor Al with lung cancer, also does not know the Lord


  • 5K run at Benderson for Pregnancy Center ask FNG Wallace for more info
  • Christian Retreat ask Guillermo for more info