3K LWR Bridge Run

Ripken and Bing started the day with a 2 miler.  Jimmy Dean offered donuts and coffee as they neared the finish line, but was turned down like a horny frat boy.

Six other Pax showed up (that’s 8 total for those of you with no coffee yet).  The mozy left the lot and headed to the bridge.  Nothing exciting, just some high knees, karaokes and other things for old bones.  Chili Pepper showed up late, but that’s on time for him.

The Warm-a-rama was a little more rambunctious, possibly due to the almost full moon lighting our way.

  • Toy Soldiers IC
  • Merkins IC
  • Imperial Walkers IC
  • Hillbilly Walkers IC
  • Flapjacks (another Richard Simmons take-off) 10 IC
  • Mummy Kicks-fast, faster and fastest

DORA showed up to save the ocho amigos. From the base of the bridge, we paired up for 10 bear crawls up & down the bridge (side note: if you’ve never down a downhill bear crawl on a cold, slippery bridge, you’re still a wuss), 100 Dirkins, 200 Bridge Pulls, 300 inverted LBCs and 400 Moroccan Night Clubs because our shoulders hadn’t fallen off yet.  The running partner ran to the blinking red light down the moonlit path. Banjo almost killed everyone on the bridge with some chemical warfare emanating from somewhere deep in his bowels.  Jimmy Dean had to breathe through his ears to survive.

Sniper led the sprint back to the lot.  I think we covered the distance in 38 seconds…or maybe that was 1:38.

Praises: Hercules has already lost 9# since he started F3.  We tried to get him to splash merlot to help his cause, but didn’t quite make it.  Beautiful morning, lots to be thankful for.  Thanks Zeus, Sniper and Hercules (and other men/women in blue) that have our backs every day.

Prayers: Those with illness, our schools and the Outreach Project this coming weekend.

See you for a cold, maybe wet, Wednesday.  Time to Man Up.