Who knew running in a sauna could be so much fun…..also the Patriots run for a 7th SB title begins today!!

Weather: 83 degrees and 89% humidity felt like 94 degrees

QIC: CrabCakes

PAX: Deepdish, Goob, ShamWow,Lambeau,

Quick review of the 5 core principles

At 5:15 the Pax headed off in different directions.  Lambeau and ShamWow headed out of the parking lot to the bridge.  Goob, DeepDish, and Crabcakes headed for the 6.25 mile loop just north of the parking lot for a progressive run. The run consisted of 3 2 mile increments at progressively faster paces.  The first segment was scheduled to be between 8:25-8:35 but like we often do, we started out too fast and covered the first 2 miles at an average pace of 8:12.  The next segment was 2 miles between an 8:02-8:12 pace, the PAX completed this segment at an average pace of 8:04.  The conversations about dry air, large Volume stock trades late on a Friday afternoon, and fantasy football were distant memories as the PAX started the 3rd increment with a pace goal of between 7:42-7:52 per mile.   Goob and Crabcakes completed these 2 miles at an average of 7:45.  DeepDish complaining of cramping decided to try and out run the cramping and finished this segment well in front of us.

Total distances for the PAX ranged from just shy of 3 miles to 6.25.

Announcements: Clearwater launch on 9/7. Clown car leaving AP at 0530.  Ronald McDonald House is Monday, 9/9  clown cars leaving WalMart parking lot on SR 70 at 4:30pm   Donations for Hurricane Dorian victims being collected by Gridlock

Prayers: Those impacted by and those in the path of Dorian   All First Responders, Military and volunteers that are helping those in the relief effort in the Bahamas.


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