What the Ruck


60 Degrees, 15 H.I.M, 2 Rucks, 1 Tower.

Q = Rowdy

PAX = Condenser, Sir Wallace, Steal, Diesel, Banjo, Goob, HangTen, BigMac, ShamWow, PapaSmurf, snapshot, Lancelot, Gringo, trane

515am-welcome, disclaimer, 5 core principals

517am-dynamic stretch (Strawberry Pickers, Arm Circles, Agitators, Good Mornings)

520am- Mozy (Butt Kickers, High Knees, Karaoke, Nur)

525am- What the Ruck (2 teams, 1 man from each team ruck the tower while team one performs one movement and team two another until those dirty ruckers get down, switch ruckers and movements)
Rd 1- Upper Body (Carolina Dry Docks, Wide Grip Merkins)
Rd 2 – Lower Body (Jump squats, lunges)
Rd 3 – Core (BBS, Freddie Mercuries)
Rd 4 – Full Body (dah da da dahh…Navy S.E.A.L.s)Ruck’n stairs!

552am-Banjo Bear Crawl, in a group circle with Merkins (in honor of Banjos attendance)

556am- Core Circle (4 All Mighty Thors, 25 Flutter Kicks, 10 Heels to Heaven)

6am- C.O.T
announcements- Rusty Bucket 2nd F (wed), Mens Night (Fri), Night to Shine (Fri feb 7),Bridge a Life Superhero 5k (Sat feb 15)
Praise reports- thank You Lord for the breath in our lungs, fire in our hearts to come on out and