Chilipepper Challenge – Increasing your Pull Up Reps!

Brothers, here is the pull up challenge.  The focus and goal is to improve your pull up quantity and quality.  Click this link in Excel or Click this link in Google Sheets to access a spreadsheet with the daily plan.  Enter your pull up Rep Max at the top and your schedule will be generated.  Print it out as reference.

Proper pull up technique, watch this video.  There is quite a bit of detail but is a good watch.

A few things:

  • If you can’t do any or 1 or 2, include Dead Hangs to your routine and Ab-Wheel roll outs.  For example do the pull ups you can do then replace the following reps with your max ab-wheel roll out.  This works many of the same muscles required in a pull up.
  • Perform Dead Hangs to build up your “hang time”.  You will need to hang at least as long as it will take you to complete your pull ups.
  • You can also help yourself with a jump up and a slow 4 to 6 could decent.
  • For those over achievers I would recommend adding weight not reps.  If you can do 10+ consider adding weight to a ruck and following the plan.

Let me know if you have any questions!