Weekly Recap from Bing

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Below is the backblast for today.  Another great showing of HIM (High Impact Men) both working hard and sharing great testimonies in COT.  Thank you all for your participation in so many ways!
Date: 7/15/17
Weather: 76 at launch.


First Act, Papa Smurf, Drifter, Shred, DeFib, Crawfish, Rock, Buckeye, Pops, Phiser, Beaker, Crab Cake, Gator, Sniper, Soprano, Animal, Drake, A2, Tex, Sandman, Underdog, Flipper, Cavallino, Bing (Q)
With a few FNGs present, YHC (your humble correspondent) shared the F3 disclaimer and we took off for a short mosey around the parking lot and to the soccer fields:
Windmills – 10 IC
Imperial Walkers – 10 IC
Hill Billy Walkers – 10 IC
Mountain Climbers – 10 IC
SSH – 30 IC
10 Merkins OYO
Series of Planking
The Thang:
The message for today was TEAMWORK, and lots of team work was done!! The pax was split into two with half following Drake and the other YHC.
Merkin Shuttle Run – 4 cones set about 25 yards apart with 5 Merkins at the start and then to the 1st cone with 5 Merkins.  This continued until we ran to the furthest cone, stopping for 5 Merkins and returning.
Next up was the Dora 1-2-3 with the pax partnering up to conquer 100 Moroccan night clubs, 200 Merkins and 300 squats.  One partner runs to the furthest cone and back while the other knocks out as many exercises as possible. This proved to be a real crowd pleaser.
Next on the list was a fartlek run including 3 laps around the soccer field with your partner counting to 10 while the other sprints ahead.  Lots of heart rate fluctuating on this one!
Is there anything more teamwork related than Wheelbarrows?  Partner 1 wheelbarrows out to the tree, both Pax execute 10 LBCs and then Partner 2 wheelbarrows back to the start.  YHC threw in another round with Partner Carry to the tree, 10 LBCs and return.
To close out the morning, we threw in a quick round of 6’s with LBCs and Merkins.
  • Drifter looking for a place to rent in Sarasota
  • DeFib having to sell his home and move back to Danville
  • Crawfish and his awesome testimony of what has transpired/changed in his life in the last 4 weeks. We are extremely proud of you brother!
  • Pops asking for prayers of coverage and strength


  • Next scheduled CSAUP is October 7th – Mud Titan Run.  See Drake for details and registration information
  • Continue the EH.  Invite friends of all faiths.  We all know many men (Sad Clowns) who need F3 in their lives, and it is up to us to introduce them to what F3 is all about.
  • Logo ideas and submissions are being submit on the Mumble Chatter of the F3 Lakewood Ranch Pax Facebook Group page (closed page for Pax members only). Once a logo is completed, we will put together an optional but encouraged F3 shirt order.

Look forward to another great week of workouts and seeing many of you again soon!