Exercise and run, what else?

Weather: 80 and muggy

The Gloom broke and the parking lot at 6655 Greenbrook Blvd began to fill up nicely again.  Most interesting was the car that was already in the lot as YHC pulled in.  Turns out that an FNG was misinformed of our start time and arrived at 5:45 am.  Instead of returning to the fartsack, he pulled the Tiger Woods and just took a nap in his car, and I am sure he didn’t regret a moment of that decision.  7am struck, the disclaimer was shared and we began with a healthy mosey around the park with high knees, butt kickers and Karaoke x2.  COP included the folllowing:

  • SSH – 30 IC
  • Squats – 30 IC
  • 20 Mountain Climbers – IC
  • Plank
  • 20 Alternating Shoulder Taps – IC
  • 30 Moroccan night clubs – IC

The Thang:

The Pax split into two groups to be led by Drake and Amazon.

Field 1 included

  • 4 rows of cones for suicides to be followed by 20 merkins. Rinse and repeat x3.
  • Slalom Run followed by AYG sprint followed by 20 merkins

Field 2 included 3 sets of exercises followed by a sprint across the full field and return AYG

  • 20 Merkins IC
  • Moroccan Night Club IC
  • Overhead Clap IC

Second round

  • 25 squats
  • 25 lunges
  • 25 Mountain Climbers

3rd Round

  • 25 Flutter Kicks
  • 25 Imperial Walkers
  • 25 LBCs

As a finisher, the group gathered on the field with the shovel flag for a brutal round of 11’s that included 4-Count Flutter Kicks and Burpees with a run across the soccer field.

The Moleskin:

Amazon shared that while this week was a short week, it felt as if it was the longest week.  Work required a lot of work, then having to switch gears and shift to another project quickly.  Hence the idea of working hard on 3 exercises and then sprinting to the other side of the field.  How do you handle changing gears and refocusing your efforts in life?


  • Next workout will be on Monday, 5:45am at the Lakewood Ranch Adventure Park or 9:15am at the Green Mile (North field at the YMCA).
  • Continue to EH as we continue to bring in some truly great men into F3 Lakewood Ranch
  • Welcome FNGs: Shred, Underdog, Sandman, DeFib, Cavallino, And because the Backblast wasn’t written the last two weekends, we welcome the following FNGs: DeepDish, Animal, FreeTime, Drifter, Rebar, CatScan, FuzzyMoto, Wankel, O.T. Papa Smurf and Chappie.

HiHat, led the group out in prayer.

Hope to see you all on Monday, 5:45a at the Lakewood Ranch Adventure Park or 9:15a at the Green Mile!!