Waterworld subverted

In the past 2 days, Sarasota/Bradenton experienced what felt like a tropical storm.  With close to 10″ of rain, Adventure Park was underwater.  Ripken originally planned a devious day of sloshing, splashing and crashing through the water.  Some Pax brought a change of clothes, but with the 50 degree temps, Ripken dug deep for a little early Christmas spirit and kept the Pax dry.  Chili Pepper was glad to avoid the shrinkage that would have surely ensued had we entered the Waterwold.

With the cold temps, the Mozy was extended to warm our hearts.  ShamWow found a new walking friend in Chili Papa, the 85 year old version of Chili Pepper.  After the Mozy, we did several jacks and went through in some balance drills…Moroccan Night Clubs and Waterbirds where every foot tap was a burpee.  Six Pack was the only offender, but all Pax paid his burpee penance.  Additionally, Abe Bogota stopped by but Richard Simmons didn’t make it out.  Funny, I thought he had already come out.

After Olympus had a good stank, we moved to the pavilion to get to it.  The board was revealed to the Pax displeasure…

22 of each exercise followed by a 222 yard run around the gravel track and back to the pavilion.  Rinse and repeat 4 times.

Merkins, LBC, Squats, Reverse Crunches, Dips, Peter Parkers, Step Ups, Mountain Climbers, Rows and Breakdancers.

After each set the Pax waited for the Six.  After four sets, Ripken called an audible of 22 burpees.

We finished with a few medicine ball races in the Echo Chamber and then a round of “pass the med ball” for a little core work.  Lambeau lost a love handle in the process.

New FNGs – Chili Papa is Chili Peppers dad, Goose & Jeb are Six Packs nephews.

Prayers for Banjo’s Mother-in-law the had a bad stroke, for Chili to find a job, First Responders, Ripken’s dad travel mercies.