Waiting on Goob……but it was worth it

Weather: 75 degrees and 80% humidity……great running weather

QIC: CrabCakes

PAX: Deepdish, Goob, ShamWow, Lambeau,

Review of the 5 core principles with a special request to be back to parking lot at 0600 due to QIC time constraints….

At 5:15 the Pax headed out towards the bridge. DeepDish, Goob and Crabcakes decided to head to the old stomping grounds of Waterleaf.   Discussion over the bridge focused on going out for 23:30 and coming back in 21:30 in order to hit the 0600 deadline.  Also discussed, Goob’s 2.0 being promoted to varsity cross-country after running a 20:36.  I think this might have served as internal motivation because the pace really started to pick up as we descended the backside of the bridge and continued toward Waterleaf.

Goob and DeepDish allowed Crabcakes to take the lead…..thanks guys.  I’m still dealing with the spider web that covered my entire head, face and upper body.  We eclipsed the first mile at 8:14 and it became very obvious that we were going sub 8 the rest of the way.  It was also very obvious that we haven’t been to Waterleaf in quite sometime as DeepDish tried to turn into the gated community inside of the gated community.  This led to the question, if you live in a gated community why do you need another gate to separate you from the rest of the neighborhood?  It’s a fair question…..

We made the turn for home at mile 3 in 23:37 and from there DeepDish led the way followed by Crabcakes and Goob until Dish and Cakes missed the sharp right turn on the sidewalk and ran 100 feet into the overgrown jungle.  Goob quickly assumed the lead and led us back across the street to the bridge.

DeepDish and Crabcakes hit the parking lot and finished at 6 miles exactly in 45:37.  Joining us in the parking lot were ShamWow and Lambeau.  The four of us quickly formed the COT and counted off while Goob circled the parking lot aiming to run 6.2 and achieve an all time best time   Goob yelled in that he was #5 and joined us just in time for Namearama.

Not only did Goob achieve a 10k best time he also achieved a best 5k and 2 mile time   GREAT JOB!! The HIM is ready for a 15k and a 1/2 marathon next

Total distances for the PAX ranged from 3 miles to 6.

Announcements: Clay shooting fundraiser on 11/2

Prayers: Lambeau’ Mother and family, Rowdy and his family as well as his return to the mission field, Lancelot for a quick recovery and an all clear report from the MD on Friday.  First Responders, military, and injured pax


PS- Gentlemen thanks again for the flexibility, Ariel made it to school on time and I didn’t have to deal with the wrath of my 15 year old  daughter. ??