VQ beats down the Pax

Weather:  71F and the humidity was high

Pre-run:  It didn’t happen today.  The mere thought of the VQ’s threat from the night before on GroupMe stating, “we all will suffer” ensured everyone stayed in bed.

Welcome:  The VQ shook off his nerves and commenced the beat down at 5:15 sharp.  The VQ did his best to recite the 5 core principles and disclaimer, relayed his clumsiness from the week before and admitted to having bruised ribs, and then the mozy.  The mozy included 3 laps around the parking lot with a combination of high knees, butt kickers, carioca both directions, and a nur.

CoP:  SSH (15 in cadence), Strawberry Pickers (15 in cadence), Arm Circles (OYO), and Michael Phelps (OYO)

The Thang:  Seeing as how yesterday was Cinco de Mayo and an opportunity that most of America uses to throw a party, overeat, and overdrink, the VQ thought everyone needed to sweat out the poison for all of America and to blow up our arms and shoulders for the beach.  Running, shoulders, chest, arms and core was the theme.  The reps would be high and the breaks would indeed be no break.  The VQ also wanted to set the tone from the start that this would be no normal workout.

We started in the corner of the parking lot closest to the picnic area which served as a taunting reminder that the impending misery was no picnic.  The pax was instructed to do 50 burpees at their own pace.  However, the caveat was that if one needed “a break” (defined as a greater than 5 second pause), they needed to sprint to the far end of the parking lot.  Once there, they should resume the exercises.  Another break?  Another sprint!  The third destination was the far corner of the parking lot.  Still not done with the prescribed exercise?  Take a “break” and sprint to the fourth corner nearest the dumpsters.  All “breaks” were sprints forming a gigantic rectangle around the perimeter.  The VQ heard shortly after the beatdown commenced, “Anytime you start a workout with 50 burpees, you’re screwed.”  The VQ couldn’t help by smile; plus, it prevented him from puking.  There were 2 rounds of torture and very little mumble chatter in the background.

As stated, this was not for those weak of shoulder strength.  The rest of the brutality in totality was as follows:

Round 1-

  • 50 burpees
  • 100 merkins
  • 200 dry docks

Round 2-

  • 50 LBC’s
  • 100 Evander Holyfield’s (count each side)
  • 200 mountain climbers

*The number of sprints, errr “breaks”, around the parking lot- too many to count.

We culminated with a 4 rounds of Mary.

Ultimately everyone had fun, cursed the VQ either under their breath or openly, and sweat the sins of the weekend away.


  • Sup’N’Run
  • July 3rd run
  • Newsletter published
  • Spaghetti dinner this Friday, May 10th for donations


  • All first responders locally and nationally.  Specifically in response to the latest “end of watch” in Mooresville, NC and our local Sarasota Police Chief’s daughter in the Baltimore area.
  • Thor will be taking a group of 8th graders to DC Wednesday through Friday of this week.  Pray for safe travels.
  • All injured and/or fartsacking Pax.


In all seriousness, thank you to all those encouraged the VQ along the way.  It was a rewarding gloom.