Three manly men

QIC- Goob

Pax- Big Mac, Goob, and Pudge

Weather- picturesque, gorgeous morning with a sky full of stars (literally the best one can hope for on a July morning in Florida)

At 5:07, YHC rolled up into the parking lot to see one lone vehicle.  At 5:11, Goob stumbled out of his car and found 1 lone Pudge hanging out looking around for any sign of life.  The chatter began and at 5:17, the 5 core principles were recited.  Goob and Pudge mozied around the parking lot twice and performed a couple of exercises half-heartedly as they tried to wake up- NUR, high knees, butt kickers, and carioca.  As the two tried to create a circle of two, Big Mac rolled in and completed our company of three.  Once the stretching, SSH (IC to 10),strawberry pickers (IC to 10), Michael Phelps, and arm circles were completed, it was time for the thang.

The Thang-

Under the pavilion, each Pax picked their favorite picnic table.  They would perform 25 repetitions of three different exercises; an upper body, a core, and a lower body.  At the completion of the three exercises, the Pax would complete a speed bump run and perform 5 of a prescribed exercise at each bump along the way.  Once at the top of the road, rinse and repeat until back under the pavilion.  A new round of 3 exercises were at the ready with the expectation of 25 repetitions once again being performed.  It was during this segment that it was decided their were only 3 men strong enough with bodies etched of stone that could undertake this glooms challenge.  From there, we repeated the glorious speed bump run.  The finale?  The coup de grace?  The Mortal Kombat finishing move?  Well, another round of 3 different exercises at one’s previously selected favorite picnic table.  The fun is as follows;

  1. 25 Decline Merkins
  2. 25 Mountain Climbers (counting only 1 leg)
  3. 25 step ups (on each leg)
  4. Speed Bump run (5 burpees performed at each speed bump)
    1. **That is a total of 50 burpees for those curious**
  5. 25 Incline Merkins
  6. 25 Freddie Mercuries (counting only 1 leg)
  7. 25 Salsa Dips (story explained to Pudge)
  8. Speed Bump run (player’s choice)
    1. YHC performed 50 more burpees while Big Mac and Pudge did a variety of movements
  9. 25 Tricep Dips
  10. 25 Parker Peters (counting only 1 leg)
  11. 25 calf raises

With about 90 seconds remaining, each Pax performed movement of their choice until the clock saved us at 6am.


  • Trail Run tonight
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  • Peace for the people- with so much unrest going on, people need love
  • First responders, doctors, nurses

It was an honor gentlemen!