Glory Days




HIM = 9
VQ = Tugboat  2nd Q = Sir Wallace

FNG = Tune Up

PAX = SnapShot, Check Mate, Clutch, Pudge, Shotgun, Captain Ron

79F  82% Humidity


Warm up:

Mosey around hill (the elevation changes took its toll as pax started to slow their pace). Regrouped at base of hill for some Tugboat lead exercises… strawberry pickers, Merkins, SSH, LBCs


Hill sprint – Regroup on the top with overhead claps to the six

Sir Wallace jumped in with a set of Kick outs and  lateral bear crawls both directions, alternating side planks. Tugboat intervened with a suicide run across top of hill and back. With Pax ready for more, we continued down the hill with peter Parker’s , v-ups, burpees, a couple short laps on the uneven grass to keep things going, Merkins then another hill sprint, Moroccan knights clubs, lateral crab walks both directions which Tugboat vocalized his observation that pudge wasn’t following the prescribed exercise exactly. Pudge was quick to explain the reason for his modification was do to a shoulder injury. Snapshot heard the lions first so four burpee on the roar was fulfilled by the pax. Squat holds in cadence got the attention of Tugboat calling out Pudge once again regarding his form. Shocked by Tugboat’s bold claim, Pudge demonstrated why going he wasn’t going back up all the way in the squat because he modified to a static squat.  Then we all did static squats. LBCs then back down hill. Incline Merkins to the six, tricep dips, v-ups, mountain climbers, then another hill sprint. Everyone contributed their own preferred exercise of choice and we all grinded through a 9 set circuit including, ssh, man makers, Merkins, LBCs, squat holds, static squats, alternating leg lifts, Apollo creed (one arm) burpees.


we mustered up the last bit of strength and energy and completed an all out round trip hill  run. At this point Tugboat was heard expressing his likeness to vomit. Everyone managed to blast back to top and relieved it was time for circle of trust.

After namarama, we welcomed FNG with his newly acquired F3 name, Tune Up.


– Slack is now live and replacing groupme which is ending August 1st

– 5K virtual run for pregnancy center support. Sign up at


– congrats to all the pax for making out to Celery fields this morning: like back in its glory days

– Recognize Tugboat for showing that if a 7 year old boy can lead, so can anyone of us pax, so let’s see some new VQ sign ups next month!


– for wisdom and strength to continually follow Jesus despite the circumstances

Todays Message:

Everyday we should ask God for renewed strength. There is no limit to his Grace and we benefit greatly from The Holy Spirit. Faith in Jesus is a Spiritual gift that we choose to accept. Following Christ is more than a single event, mission, or commitment… it is a way of life. Let’s be steadfast as we make our way through this world, keeping true to the one God who lives and reigns forever and ever!