The Tower

The weather…phenomenal!
Unfortunate Souls…10

5:15- 5 Core Principals
5:16- Mozy w/ Parking Block Weave, Nur, Butt Kickers n Karaoke
Warm up circle w/ SSH (IK), Strawberry Pickers (IK), Imperial Walkers (IK),
Arm Circles n Agitators.

5:20- In honor of Big Mac we warmed up with 3 stations of Big Sexy! Station 1-
20 Pickle Pounders, Station 2-20 Pickle Pointers (IK) n Station 3-20
Monkey Humpers (IK) all done in single file line along the curb with our
business ends facing the road for a few confused passer by!

5:35- 1/4 mile Burpee Indian Run with a 1/4 mile Weave Run Return.
Grab some picnic tables for the furious 5 Murkin Series (5 reps of 6
positions, descending ladder down to 1 rep of the 6 positions)
Grab some concrete in between the steps for a Murkin Walk down and level
up for a Dip Walk return.

5:54- JAILBREAK!!!
Core Circle w/ All Mighty Thors (5), Freddie Mercuries (20) n Flutter Kicks
for the last minute.

6:00- Name o rama
Announcements- Ronald Mcdonald House dinner, Gator Wilderness Runs,
Rowdies Juvenile Bootcamp.
Praise Reports- Props is here full time, with Recalls priceless help Rowdies
Missionary journey is on it’s way.
Prayer Requests- Props home in NC sells quick, Chillipeppers youngest daughter
needs healing, Sparky needs healing, Hang 10 and his M (Lynsey)
are traveling to NYC for Doctors visit prayers for travel and
positive Dr’s report, Rowdy needs prayers for his presentations
for his missionary journey and volunteers for juvenile bootcamp,
all traveling Pax, all injured/sick Pax and all 1st Responders
with an extra eye on our Sniper, Zeus n Hercules hercules Hercules

F3. Respect. Rowdy out
*anything I may have forgot I promise it aint personal, it was a long n busy 15.5 hrs ago!