The Number 500

Started off in a dark parking lot and just as the workout began the lights came on.

Reiterated the Core Principles and Disclaimer.

Started off with a quick Mosy around the parking lot doing some High Knees and Karaoke’s.

Circled up and did SSH’s, Strawberry and started to do some Imperial Walkers and the Q completely screwed up the count and just stopped. 🙂

The Thang

There were 5 stations set up on the outskirts of the parking lot.

Each station had 2 exercises (Merkins and Shoulder taps, LBC’s and American Hammers, Windmills and Toy Soldiers, Moroccan NC’s and Small circles, Jump Squats and Lunges)

We separated heading towards each stations. Each person had to do 50 reps of one exercise then do a lap of the parking lot and come back and do the next exercise. After the 2nd exercise you did another lap of the parking continuing past the station you did and headed to the next station. This continued until each person did at least each station totaling 500 reps and 10 laps.

Everyone was able to do the 500 and there were some over achievers who were able to do repeat stations so I see a 600 hundred work out in our future.

After everyone was done we did a round of 7’s doing squats and SSH’s.

Circle of Mary with Leg Lifts, LBC’s, Mountain Climbers

Prayers were requested for Backdraft’s boss, and Bing’s recovery.

Reminders about support Sniper at the Fair Friday night if possible.