The “Leg-Tona 500”

QIC: Smudge

5 Pax in Attendance: Prime Time, Tinker Toy, Sherpa, Tar Heal, and Smudge

Weather: 81 and Easy BREEZY ! The only Place in Florida where you get a “West Coast Sun Rise”

Mozy: 1/3 mile run with High Knees, NUR, butt kickers, side shuffle, karaoke, lunges, and toy soldiers.

Circle of Pain:Now have ran to new location in North Strab Park where we jumped into leg stretches, strawberry pickers, windmills, SSH, Imperial Walkers, Alabama Ass Kickers, Hello Dollys, AMH, and leg stretches.

Mozy ended with a return run back to North Shore pakring lot with a “Indian Run” with 10 lbs.  Medicine Ball.


As Q and AO with a small Pax, I decided to introduce a new work out I created and branded it The “Leg-Tona 500”. This work out consists of 500 leg exercise movements done with  5 different leg exercises, with 20 reps, done in 5 sets. OYO. = 500 leg moves. You will not be able to hit the brakes while driving home.

20- Squats

20- Box jumps

20-Lunges (10 each leg)

20- Speed Skater

20- Squat Jacks

*This only took 12 minutes complete. Then we did the “Baba O Reilly”- 5 minutes of Imperial Walkers to the song by “The Who- Baba o Reilly” increasing in tempo in the last 30 seconds.

**Alligator Merkins- 10 down and Back

***Now that we had 15minutes left in the Beat down- I added some “Surf and Turf’ to the Pax: Bear crawl Suicides with 7 descending Burpees with Crab Walk on the return. Ouch !


St Pete Run Fest 5K Race,  Saturday, November 19th @ 8:45

Prayer Requests:

Smudge Step Mother

Pax Safe Travel and healing