Stoned at the Celery Fields

After unsuccessfully EH’ing some guys in the parking lot, we proceeded to show them what a real workout was like.  They probably couldn’t handle an F3 beatdown anyway.  That’s right, parking lot wannabees, we’ll be here when you’re ready to step it up.

We jumped right in after a teensy, weensy mozy.  We each chose a stone from Ripken’s truck. Big ones clocked in at about 20#, Gator got a 10 pounder.  First chore was to run up the long little hill to the top.  That sucked.

At the top, we threw, shot put, pounded and curled the stones to exhaustion. In between, we did merkins, squats and generally griped. Unfortunately what goes up, must come down. Running back down the hill double sucked.

Big boy sit-ups, American Hammers, and leg lifts with the rocks.

What the heck, we had 5 minutes left, so we did 7’s up the hill with burpees at the halfway mark and squats at the bottom.

We prayed, we thanked God for lots of stuff.  All the guys left filthy, as men should be after playing with rocks, and pooped. s   less