Running in the clouds

Weather: 73 and humid

QIC: Lambeau

PIA: CrabCakes, Pincher, Yamaha, Goog, ShamWow

A bit of fog was around us in parts as 5:15 struck. With a quick reminder of the 5 core principles, we all headed North into the River Wilderness area. YHC and ShamWow enjoyed a leisurely pace while the others hit the gas. Distance covered ranged from 2.73 to 6.2 when we all finally made it back to the parking lot, the runners beating ShamWow and YHC by about 8 minutes.

Announcements Included

  • Donations for F3 Tent- Pincher is matching $25 gifts with gift cards to Pinchers
  • Clay Shooting fundraiser on 11/2

Praises for Shamwow’s Son (Bing’s Brother) who has returned safely after his vacation interrupting surgery abroad

Thanks all for your prayers and concern for me. I am truly blessed to be in your company.