Ruck Around The Clock – Brutus Birthday Q

Weather: 63 degrees, enjoy these mornings while they last!
QIC: BRUTUS – Happy 55th birthday to me!
Happy Birthday also to THOR!
PAX: 17: Bing, Brutus, Cottontail, Crabcakes, Drake, Lancelot, LT, Manziel, Mario, Mr. Clean, ShamWow, Sir Wallace, Stagecoach, Steel, Trane, Trump, Wahlburger

5 Core Principles and F3 Credo (“Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you left him”) were reviewed.
Rucks were optional on the 2 lap parking lot mosey with high knees, butt kickers, nur and carryokee both ways.  Got right into it with an attempt at 55 merkins.  Made it to about 25, then morphed into gerkins and couldn’t get past 45.  Room for improvement.  (25) SSH, (10) Sun Gods, Static leg stretches on the 6, (20) American Hammers. (Drake remembered in the COT that YHC had not finished the 55 merkins, so that was completed with some help from my friends).

THE THANG: RUCK AROUND THE CLOCK.  This was a ruck beatdown.  YHC presented another intentionally complex-appearing whiteboard filled with lines, circles, words and numbers, mainly for the purpose of watching y’alls eyes roll.  And because I just like writing stuff on my whiteboard in 4 colors.

The round clock 1 through 12 o’clock was the best way to present this beatdown on the whiteboard.  There were (12) total 3-1/2 minute periods (instead of 5 minutes on a normal clock).  In each 3-1/2 minute period, an exercise was performed, rotating between arm, core and leg.  Each exercise typically took about 1-1/2 minutes, then the pax “moved” along the AP trail for the balance of the 3-1/2 period.  The “movement” between exercises flipped back and forth between a fast-paced walk or double time.  A total of (12) exercises were performed during each 3-1/2 minute period: (25) Lunges, (55) LBCs, (55) Overhead Claps, (55) Squats, (55) Flutter Kicks, (55) Overhead Ruck Press, (55) Calf Raises, (30-ish) Gas Pumpers, (30-ish) Ruck Curls, (27.5) Imperial Walkers, (25) Big Boy Sit ups, and (30-ish) Ruck Tricep Extensions.  Some did not have rucks, and were asked to double time and circle back and increase the # of reps – in general add work to the beatdown to replace the lack of ruck.

The pax was polled as to whether or not there would be music during the beatdown.  Drake said YES whenever possible play music, and then requested SRV; YHC started with Little Wing and continued with more of YHC’s Spotify “Tailgate Mellow” playlist, which never gets old.

YHC and some of the pax had not been on this part of the AP trail previously.  Suggestion was made to adjust the route so we could give our pal Pincher a camera full of F3 monkeyhumpers, which of course everyone wanted to do.  The actual route was irrelevant; there was a lot of mumble chatter and laughter along the way, and we passed a lot of others out early who not inaccurately looked at us like we were complete lunatics.

Announcements: GrowRuck was postponed, and MAY be replaced with a Suncoast only Lite Ruck on the same weekend.  Outlaw Trail Run #2 (24-MAR evening). Ronald McDonald House (31-MAR).  Gator Wilderness Run (25-APR). SUPNRUN5K (30-MAY).
Praises: YHC praised F3, as always when a chance to do so is given.  Thanks to pax for starting my birthday off with a solid beatdown.
Prayer Requests: Lori and Sarah. Repeat from prior day’s beatdown: For the entire world re: Covid-19, prayers to help quell the fear and uncertainty, prayers for medical personnel that will be on the front line. Prayers for those that have been and will be directly affected. Heavenly father, help to eradicate this evil virus.
Post beatdown: About 8 of us @ Wawa.  (5) of us (Brutus, Crabcakes, Fishsticks, Lancelot, Manziel) @ Big Top Brewery in the evening.