Roaring Lions

Celery Fields: Hill Sprints + Beatdown

November 30, 2019

Temp 58F with clear skies.

Q= Sir Wallace

Pax = Papa Smurf and  Steel

The Warm up routine consisted of 20 ssh, 10 strawberry pickers, 10 dry docks, 10 burpees, 10 arm leg planks, 25 leg raises, and 25 mountain climbers

The Thang began:
Sprint to the top of the Hill. Then performed 25 Moroccan niteclubs, 25 overhead claps, 25 air squats, and 25 imperial walkers as the sound of roaring lions echoed from the distance. Eagerly jogged back down to bottom and pushed out a set of 25 tricep dips, 25 sit pikes, and 25 incline Merkins. Then Repeated until 5 full rounds of this routine was completed.

Cool down:
25 LBC’s and 25 flutter kicks.

Finished with giving glory to God!


It was a pleasure and an honor to “Q”

Sir Wallace