Slight mugginess to the morning where 5 pax braved the inaugural event of Roadblock. Typical warm up followed by a tour of the road course.

My Vision was to promote High Intensity Interval Training workouts through the use of competition. Trying to create the game and then Articulate it give me the opportunity for growth (much needed). The game is the tool used to Persuade participation and move to a more vigorous workout. The pax excels at Exhortation and the game provides plenty of opportunity there as well

The course: a small running loop (300 yards), with three shortcut options. The first and shortest route via Burpee Lane, followed by Merkin Avenue and then LBC Way. The full loop is the Freeway.

The setup: separate into two teams Red and Blue. Each team divides pax into groups of two/three partners each. A good mix of red and black/green cards are used depending on number of pax. one random card placed in the middle of each shortcut street, and one card handed to each pax.

The action: One pax of the partnership stays at home base and performs squats or lunges. The other pax is the runner and heads out the course (if there are a large number playing, start with 10 burpees to spread out the initial free for all). The runner may choose to take any shortcut he chooses or take the entire freeway around the loop. If the runner chooses a shortcut, he places his card next to the already placed face down card and picks up that card. If he picks up a roadblock (which is a red card), he must perform 10 reps of the corresponding exercise. If the card along the way is not red, he gets a free pass, leaving his card behind and taking the other card with him. As suggested, the freeway route has no roadblock cards as it is the longest route to complete. When the runner returns, he switches out with his partner who now becomes the runner.

Scoring: 1 point for each full set of 25 squats or lunges (1 point for each 50 reps if a partnership of 3). 1 point for each loop completed.

Hockey season demands 3 periods of 8 minutes, 2 minute rest and tally of score between periods.

Papa Smurf & Condenser are the reigning roadblock champions, taking down Snap Shot, Trane and No Pressure in this inaugural event.