Richard Simmons spotted at Adventure Park playground

Bing & Ripken participated in the 2 mile fun run prior to the workout.  Bing was in charge of the distance and somehow turned 2.0 miles into 2.7 miles.  He’s fired from navigation.

After the Disclaimer, 5 Principlesand Mozy, Ripken served up the Appetizer.

Consisting of:

Richard Simmons (formerly known as Wacky Jacks), Criss/cross Jacks, Push Jack, Side Straddle Hops, and Push-up Jacks.  A few Toy Soldiers and “somethin’ er others” were also added.

The Main Course was served on the playground equipment.  1 minute on, followed by 40 seconds of jacks (many more Richard Simmons were spotted) and 20 seconds to regain consciousness and move to the next station.  8 stations total: pull ups, step ups, power push ups, ball planks, hop overs, towel rows, handle pull ups and lawnmowers.  A speed round of 30 seconds on and 5 burpees followed with no rest in between.

Ambient workout music was provided by the Pandora Christian Metal station.  Not a mosquito in site, but lots of fog and a full moon.

After complaining that we couldn’t lift our arms, we thanked God for our weakness knowing in him we are made strong.  Mr. Clean was “volun-told” that he would be the VQ for Wednesday!