Rainy Days on Mondays

Date: July 8, 2019

Weather: Rainy, Seventy-something

QIC: Thor

Welcome to YHC’s second Backbalst. YHC left his house to a downpour, but trudged to the AO nonetheless because of the core principal of being held rain or shine, and hey it’s Florida, so as we all know just because it’s down pouring at YHC’s house doesn’t mean it’s not beautifully sunny at his next door neighbors house. So off YHC went and arrived to Adventure Park promptly at 4:40, planning to set up some stuff on the basketball court, still raining. After sitting in his car for about 20 minutes trying to figure out how to adjust his plan for a Q, YHC then began to wonder if anyone would actually show up. At 5:08 the first PAX showed up, Deep Dish rolling in early! At 5:11, Trump shows up, so the Q is a go.

We all got out of our cars at 5:14 and headed to the pavilion. It was during this walk that YHC realized that he still hadn’t adjusted his plan to account for the rain. As the watch clicked over to 5:15, the five core principals were recited and the general consensus was to not do a mosey since it was still raining. So we began from the COP.


The COP consisted of the same exercises as YHC’s VQ just with different counts.

  • SSH IC (20)
  • Imperial Walkers IC (20)
  • Strawberry Pickers IC (15)
  • Monkey Humpers IC (15)
  • Crab Cakes IC (10)

The Thang

In honor of some 2nd F from the previous weekend, YHC had designed this Q to be sort of a “gamified” theme. YHC had “borrowed” a set of Discovery Construction Fort toys (think life sized tinker toys) from his 2.0s and had them in a bag in the middle of the pavilion. All together the bag contained about 65 items.

Each PAX started in a different corner of the pavilion. When instructed PAX members were to run to the middle, grab an item from the bag and bring it back to their corner until the bag was empty. At that point YHC informed the PAX what exercise each item represented for and then rolled a die to determine how many reps to do for each item. The items were then returned to the bag for another round with different exrecises. The original idea was for this to be done in teams and have the team with the most items be rewarded by switching piles with the team with the least number of items. After two rounds it was evident that neither YHC or Trump could compete with Deep Dish’s speed, so a modification was made that each PAX would just keep their own piles.


Round #1:

Orange – Burpees

Yellow – American Hammers

Sticks – Big Boy Situps

Die Roll for this round was a 6, so each orange ball represented 6 burpees, each yellow ball represented 6 American hammers, and each stick represented 6 Big Boy Situps


Round #2

Orange – Merkins

Yellow – Mountain Climbers

Sticks – Shoulder Taps

Die Roll for this round was a 4


Round #3

Orange – Calf Raises

Yellow – Moroccan Night Clubs

Sticks – Overhead Claps

Die Roll for this round was a 6


Round #4

Orange – Captain Thors

Yellow – LBCs

Sticks – Carolina Dry Docks

Die Roll for this round, luckily was a 1.


This brought us to 6:00 and surprisingly 2.23 miles according to YHC’s Garmin, despite never leaving the pavilion.

Circle of Trust

YHC brought the PAX together for a brief COT, considering it was still raining.


Without our Nanta’an no one could remember any announcements.


  • Deep Dish finally selling his last property.


  • Lancelot for quick healing, successful surgery, then quick healing again.
  • Trump’s mother as her health is not doing well right now.

Thanks to the two PAX that showed up, YHC will try to rinse and repeat this Q with a higher attendance so the workout can actually be gamified.