Ragnar Allen Poe

Dark and foggy, we mozy’d forth.

In the gloom, we headed to the dog park due north.

In preparation, 5 core principal were spouted,

for an FNG arrived so stealthily.

We hit the first bridge, and did walking merkins about it,

and further we ran to step ups and bridge walks.

At the big bridge, 3 Ragnar trail laps commenced,

Sniper led, the spider-eater and panther scarer-offer man,

in sequence, we headed into the dark, remaining Pax paid the bridge penance.

Merks, Squats and Flutter kicks raised up to SkyQ,

Performing DryDocks, Bridge Pulls and LBCs on lap 2.

Lap 3 we ran, weary and spent,

Pax did Bear Crawls and Imperial Walkers with knees bent.

Back to the lot, for almost 3 miles.

Not many prayer requests, just praises and smiles.

Daniel (Daniel-son) was donned Mr. Miagi,

May your day be blessed, see you on Wednesdey.