QSource | Q1.11 Study

QSource | Q1.11 Study

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3 Pax continued our leadership study: QSource. This morning we continued the first quadrant Get Right with Q1.11: Study. If anyone feels inclined to lead one these discussions there is a signup sheet on the Q schedule.

Q1.11 | Study


The Daily Exploration Into The Foundations Of Faith


Hebrews 4:12 (NIV) For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.


  • Is there a connection between Leadership and Faith?
  • How does a man know his belief system is based upon truth?
  • Is Faith static or dynamic?


The Acceleration of Faith requires a belief system

  • The more Effective its Leader is, the more power he will accumulate and the more likely it is that he will abuse it—absent some kind of restraint.
  • The only proven buffer to a Leader’s temptation to abuse his power comes from Virtue, and that is not self-generated.
  • The Effective but un-Virtuous Leader poses a unique menace to a Group because his lack of personal Guardrails will ultimately result in him Leading it into peril rather than influencing its Members to Advantage.
  • Without a Belief System, no man can self-subordinate and Live Third—it’s just not possible.

Study puts a Leader’s Belief System to the test

  • Because the HIM believes in the efficacy of Prayer, it also makes sense for him to Study by reading the answers written down by other men who have been asking the same questions since the dawn of recorded history.
  • The HIM Studies the foundational doctrine of his particular Belief System so that he may practice it competently—or abandon it as unsustainable.
  • Because he is not a Mascot, a HIM must be resolute in proclaiming the foundations of his Belief System to others, and he cannot do that if contains inconsistencies that he cannot adequately resolve for himself.

Faith is a practice that requires Study to Accelerate

  • Faith, a person’s Right relationship with his Creator, is a also a Practice. It is dynamic rather than static, in that it is either Accelerating or it is Decelerating. It never just is.
  • To gain skill, you have to practically apply what you learn in order to transfer what was in your head into your heart.
  • In this way, learning leads to doing—doing leads to learning—and learning leads back to doing.
  • HIM continue to Practice and Study so that they can Accelerate their Skill. If they were to stop their Skill would begin to decelerate.


  • The Acceleration of Faith requires a Belief System
  • Study puts a Leader’s Belief System to the test
  • Faith is a Practice that requires Study to Accelerate

Homework for 5/18

Thoughts for the week:

  • Is there something to be gained through corporate worship?
  • Is there any relationship between Leadership and attendance at church?
  • Are pastors affected by who is sitting in their pews?